Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Oh Galliano, how the mighty have fallen.

I've grown so used to hearing Galliano's name over the Fashion Week period that I was shocked when I heard his name and the word 'fired' placed together.  After his drunken anti-Semitic remark 'I love Hitler', he has left Dior designer-less and disappointed.  Fashion might well be about making a statement but this was a step to far.  

Galliano's words really were poisonous. 

For us fashion lovers, the last time we'll see Galliano at his best will be on the Parisian catwalk this Friday (4th) for the Christian Dior show, but even then, he wont be showing his face at the end.  

How do you guys feel on this, were Dior right in firing Galliano or not? 


  1. I think they were right, what he did was out of order and people need to know that just because he's famous, that it doesnt mean its acceptable, they want to give the message that no matter who you are, this is unacceptable.
    Great post :)
    izzy xx

  2. I read about this earlier, I agree with Izzy above, it has to be the same for everyone. If you or I said that we would be sure to be fired or severely disciplined so it shouldn't be any different from him; it was a disgraceful remark. x

  3. I think he probably felt because he is who he is, it would never happen. He's known for his remarks but they have never been this severe.

  4. Yeah as you say the mighty have fallen...hes an idol to alot of people so what he said is really dissapointing!! from a business point of view dior cannot be seen to support his words so i think he had to go

  5. I imagine his remarks were a drunken attempt at controversy/attention, but Dior have a reputation to uphold so I don't think they had any choice but to fire him.

  6. It's funny how one phrase you say can ruin the rest of your career isn't it? I totally agree with your title!


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