Monday, 14 March 2011

Money, money everywhere and not a dime to spend: Pay day wishlist.

It's nearly that time again, and it couldn't come any sooner.  I get paid this Friday and after revelations that I don't have lectures now, i'll most likely end up shopping.  

I've been seeing lots of these Kimono jackets around and I quite like them - perfect for this season, the silk fabric is light enough to keep you from sweating in the heat and heavy enough to keep you just right for the breezier nights.  

£39.99; River Island

£50.00; Topshop

£19.99; River Island
I saw this top and took a shine to it. I think it would look great with black leggings, loafers and a chunky knit for the colder days.  

Price on request; Vintage Levis
After seeing these all over the vintage fair last month, I've been after a pair.  There are a few on eBay which are around £25.00 - a lot cheaper than Urban Outfitters charge.  

£17.50; Nars Lipgloss in Nana (top colour)
As always, there are a few bits of make up i've seen and wanted.  This purpley lip gloss is one of them, although it looks rather dark it comes out a lighter colour and looks good on fair skin.  If I end up in Selfridges next week, I may take a look and possibly purchase.  

What's on your wishlist? 

Also, take the time to check out this new blog.  It's for the British Heart Foundation and the lead up to a charity fashion show!


  1. those jean shorts - i have two pairs! if you go to the vintage shops in camden you can find them for 10pounds!!

  2. I need that top in my life

  3. the bonjour moustache top = amazing!
    Sami xx

  4. oh I do love the kimono tops.

  5. I love the river island one and I really want some baggy shorts for summer like these, too cute!

  6. i fell for that shirt too! also need to wait till i get paid though, still till the end of month to wait, shame :(

  7. Those Nars lipglosses are gorgeous!

  8. That Bonjour top is well adorable and I have been after the perfect Levi shorts too. Waiting for money to drop in my bank and go shopping.

  9. The Nars Nana Lipgloss is amazing! :)


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