Monday, 7 March 2011

An amalgamation of all things gorgeous.

What a beautiful day today has been! Today was the first day I wore just a cardigan and didn't feel like I was cold.  Not only has the sun brightened my mood both literally and metaphorically, but the postman, who is soon becoming my new best friend, also brought me the new Vogue.  Flicking through I saw two words that were in my favourites list.  DVF and vintage.  My love for the mighty Furstenburg is true, and when I saw that she is to re-launch the prints used on her first batch of wrap dresses, for a newer capsule collection, I just had to have a look.  The capsule collection is called DIANE, and is on sale now.  

It fits into the 70s trend boom happening this season and for designer pieces, they are certainly more affordable prices too.  Here are a couple of my favourite items from DIANE.  

The Julian Dress - £290
Classic above-the-knee wrap dress, with this gorgeous swirl print.  Very easy to wear on a summers day.
The Celeste Dress - £325
Again, another wrap dress, only this one is slightly shorter and would probably be my go to beach dress for my holiday.

iPhone/BlackBerry Phone Case - £47
I am really tempted to buy this for my Berry, it's DVF, vintage print and will also protect my phone.  

To view the collection in full, click here.


  1. Yess! DVF is the ultimate legend, I've been eyeing up her shoes for ages now, should probably start saving in an extra fund on them :P

  2. I'm in love with the first dress and I've been coveting DVF for years. What a great post.

  3. I just love that Celeste dress, gorgeous color and cut! You have an amazing blog, now following of course. Maybe you'll have the time to visit mine:)


  4. just came across your blog, love this post DVF always has the nicest things.

    Follow each other??

    xxCristy + Duda

  5. love that phone case! sooo cute....dvf always impresses me


  6. gorgeous case


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