Thursday, 10 February 2011

On this rainy day in February, my postman gave to me...

What a typical British day, grim and unwelcoming.  On the upside my postman delivered me a jiffy bag of treats.  I've blogged about JunkJewels before and the owner Zoe was kind enough to send me two pieces from the new collection, available online in March.  

I was really excited when I saw what I had got - a bracelet and a short chained necklace.  They come securely packaged in a bag, inside another bag, inside another bag... (You get the picture).  You're also provided with a business card which I like, I'll pin mine up on my notice board and hand the jewellery from it.  Onto the jewellery....

£8.00 6inch Charm Bracelet

This was the first thing I opened.  I immediately loved it, two things I bang on about are featured - a bird and a floral trinket.  The flower was also pink, bonus! There is also a cute 'antiqued' gold heart to complete the piece.  The bracelet comes on a strong and sturdy 6 inch chain and sits nicely on its own or with other bracelets/vintage Casio watch.  

The bird looks like a Woodpecker, but I could be wrong.  The detailing on the bird is gorgeous, with the beak and feathers shown.  I love the fact the flower is not plastic but made from a starched velvety material.  

£10.00 17inch "Sheriff" Gun and Star Necklace

The next item I received was this necklace with a gun and star trinket, which I have named as a "Sheriff" necklace, as it has a very western feel to it.  It's on a shorter chain, so sits nicely on your chest instead of around your neck like a choker.  I am really glad I got sent a necklace with a gun on, if you remember, when I blogged about JunkJewels one of my favourite pieces was a necklace with just a gun on.  Like the bracelet, the necklace comes on a strong and sturdy 'antiqued' gold chain, measuring 17 inches.  

As it is a shorter chained pendant, I wore it today with a longer chained necklace as well, but it looks perfect on its own too.  Perfect necklace choice to team with a checked shire, jeans/jeggings and boots/brogues.  

The detail, like the bird, on the gun is superb.  It looks to me like a handgun (not that i'm an expert).  It has all the elements such as the barrel, trigger and cylinder.  

These are just two items out of a really gorgeous collection.  JunkJewels released a sneak preview picture of the new collection today: 

I'm looking forward to purchasing the Key bracelet and Glasses pendant which looks to be a real statement piece this season with the likes of Glee star Chris Colfer and high street style icon Fearne Cotton wearing them.  

*Picture found on Google Images, TV still from Glee.

Check out the new JunkJewels collection available in March.  
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  1. oh i am loving your little jewelry trinkets, especially that necklace. and your header is great too.

    thanks for following my blog--i'm glad you like it. i'll be following you too!

    you should check out my post on Rachel Zoe's new collection!

  2. I love theseeee
    stealing my polaroid ap eh cheeky
    you look hot
    peace out


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