Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I Spy! Vintage swimming attire.

Beyond Retro; £18

Now, if you know my blog you'll know i'm all for vintage, but I began to question our previous fashion ancestors when they created this colourful swim cap.  I like the concept - swim hats are generally ghastly looking anyway, so why not add something extra to make them a bit more appealing.  Floral is one of my favourite prints but this just doesn't do it for me.  Even our beloved Esther Williams doesn't seem so keen on wearing them, although she had a swimwear collection named after her by Jennifer Hetcher, with floral inspired swim hats.  

Maybe it's a taste thing, so why don't you leave a comment with your opinion?  Does this swim cap get a Yay or a Nay from you? 

I'm afraid for me, it's a Nay.  

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  1. haha when i wear a shower cap my boyfriend says its the biggest turn off ever bahahha. would be funny to see these popping up everywhere soon!

    F. ( x


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