Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Vintage Clothing is My Kind of Antique

I don't know about you, but I could never stand that BBC one programme 'Antiques Roadshow', probably because I haven't as yet got my own home to make 'homely'.  My mum and dad always used to watch it on a Sunday before Monarch of the Glenn (now that, I LOVED).  I never understood the fuss of an old dresser or an ornament until I discovered vintage clothing.  There is nothing more rewarding than purchasing an item that is;
A. Timeless and,
B. Going to stick around for a while.

eBay is my current outlet for all things vintage and much to my debit cards disapproval, I have bids on several items.  I've just purchased this GORGEOUS chiltern satchel bag for a measly £20 and i'm so excited for it to come! 

Have you found any amazing vintage discoveries in your time? Or have you got a favourite vintage shop/market stall.  Let us know!


  1. my chiltern is my favourite bag and very similar to this so I cannot fault, yours just doesn't have the super cool bag charm ;)

  2. i love this bag! ive been looking for one similar, i found a lovely one on asos but when you know its vintage it feels more special

  3. lovely bag! I have one of chiltern bag and I love it!



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