Monday, 24 January 2011

I Spy! Haute Couture Princess Dreams

Christian Dior has wowed us once again with their haute couture line.  Full skirts, romantic stories and a lot of vivid and deep rouge colours adorned the Parisian catwalk. 

This one dress reminded me of the famous Disney scene in Beauty and the Beast, when Belle walks down the stairs in a shimmering gold dress.  

This trend definitely has appeal.  With prom season only around the corner and weddings always happening, high-street chains may take the trend and adjust it to suit their stores target market.  

Will you be changing the LBD for a more divine gown this season?  
For now I say Nay, although find me a prince and a ballroom and I may change my mind...

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  1. little girl's dream gown :D

    xoxo from rome


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