Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Noughties throwback

Vogues post on the top ten things that happened during the noughties inspired me to look back at my experience during the noughties and reflect on the top ten highlights.  

1.  I was 7 coming 8 years old in 2000, it's fair to say i've done a hell of a lot of growing up.  

2.  I turned 18 finally this year and i've loved every minute of it.

3.  In 2008 I saw my childhood heroes, The Spice Girls open terminal 6 at Heathrow and I also saw them in concert too.  

4.  I got into my first choice university, which turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me, i'm now succeeding more than I ever have in my 13 years of education.  

*The person holding up the banner is me. 

5.  In 2009/2010 I won a series of competitions to see The Saturdays, Pixie Lott, Rachel Furner and others in concert.  I managed to get to the front of each concert and acquired DJ Ironiks scarf when he threw it to me.  

6.  I fell in love twice, and got my heart broken twice - a learning curve that everyone needs to go through.  

7.  My brother got married to the love of his life in 2007 and I was maid of honour.  In 2009, they then had their first child, Alice Daisy May Shepherd who I am both God Mother and Auntie to.

8.  I left my secondary school and went to college where I found some of the best friends.  I also found my soulmate, Lauran Hampshire-Dell if I never get proposed to at least I have you.

9.  In year 7 I began playing the flute and although I didn't take it up for very long, i'm proud of my Grade 1 Distinction! 

10.  I was elected head of prom committee - i'm a bit of an over achiever in that sense.

**All images are my own.

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