Saturday, 18 December 2010

Bridget Jones - Fashion Hero?

Around Christmas all the TV channels tend to play rom-com movies that include Hugh and Colin.  Whether it be Love Actually or either of the Bridget's, they are considered TV gold. 

Tonight I was reminded of just how wonderful Bridget Jones' Diary is.  Infamous for her big knickers, Bridget defies all the odds and bags the nice boy.  A film is all about the (cliche) main characters 'journey' and Bridget certainly goes through a fashionable one.  

Although she's not your go to film character when it comes to fashion, Bridget has this likeability and vulnerability about her that deep down, every girl has.  Her big pants are an on going theme and at the end of the film when she finally bags Mark Darcy she runs into the bedroom quoting to herself "this is definitely a time for genuinely tiny knickers".  Is this the writers way of showing a confidence boost within the character, who once deemed herself as a spinster and unattractive to all males?  

Fashion, whether it be lingerie, couture, designer or high street brings out confidence in us all when we know the garment looks good on us.  What's your fashion confidence boost, Bridget's knickers for every occasion or something entirely different? 

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