Friday, 22 October 2010

Let's Face It... Sex Sells.

The 21st century, the century of sex. Pop culture demands sex whether it's fashion, music or films.
It is now perfectly acceptable to wear lingerie whilst you're out and about, in fact its a pretty big trend at the moment what with corsets and bralets everywhere.
Pop stars seem to be wearing less and less in their music video's, but surely their best assets should be their voice's not their tits? News flash, the tits are getting the number ones.

Diesel have a new ad campaign called 'Be Stupid' and it features innuendo's - and lots of them at that.

Now, tell me you don't want those Diesel jeans. Heck, I know I do and I don't even wear jeans!  
I guess sex sells because if you think about it, when you're attracted to a guy, you lust after him until you eventually get him.  In this case, you're attracted to a pair of jeans and you'll probably put them on you're mental 'wish list', until eventually owning them.  

Go on, pop your cherry and splurge on yourself, you're only young once!

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