Monday, 18 October 2010

From Maxi Dress to Maximum Wear: How to turn your summer staple into your winter warmer

As the night’s draw in and the recession seeming gloomier than ever, it can only mean one thing.  Winter.  It’s time to ditch your Maxi dress for something to keep your cockles warm, but by no means and less fashionable.  And what’s a better way to achieve this then make do and mend?   

1. Take your Maxi and cut two leg lines; one to the front of the dress and one to the back.  Make sure to cut up until the point of the gusset.

2. Cut away the bottom of your dress, taking it up and then cuff at the ankle.  Use the excess fabric for a gusset. 

Key this with a biker jacket, chunky knit scarf and your choice of biker boots or pumps and you’ll be good to go; tackling the weather wherever you are!

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